KR47 Season 1


KR47: Haircut Episode 1: Back when I first started making animations, I was pretty terrible with comedic timing, sound editing, and exporting flash files, so, now that I have a little more experience, I give you the KR47 REDUX series! In this episode, I’ve polished off KR47: Haircut –the first episode of the KR47 series!

I hope you like it!

KR47: Ballerina Episode 2:  “Dan shows Rob just how things are done during the morning shift.”

This version has been revised and updated.

KR47: Prom Episode 3: More improvised comedy from Rob Lowe and Dan Brown. This is the third installment of the “KR47” series.

This version has been revised and updated.

 KR47: Glory Hole


 Episode 4: Rob and Dan discuss the finer things in life.This is the fourth installment of the KR47 series. It’s based on the improvisational comedy of Dan Brown and Rob Lowe.
KR47: Piece of Meat

 Episode 5:  Rob speaks out about sexual harassment in the workplace.