KR47 Season 3



 KR47: Unemployment  Episode 2:  Rob disturbs his brother, Chris, at work with some important news.
 KR47: Urinal Cake  Episode 3: The 18th KR47 short! Time to put on a dress and eat a mongoose sandwich!
 KR47: Todd is a Fartist  Episode 4: The KR47 gang discusses one of Todd’s many talents: farting.
 KR47: Zombie Apocalypse  Episode 5:The KR47 gang is at it again, farting in people’s faces and ruining the world.

This is a re-upload, because the file size of the other may have been too large, and Youtube didn’t seem to be able to handle it. It became all laggy, so I tried to make the file size smaller, so it wouldn’t freeze as it was… Anyway, it appears as if the lag problem has been solved, and I’m extremely happy about it, because it was “corrupting my soul.”

 KR47: Bacon Episode 6: Rob and Dan discuss the dismal path of bacon addiction.
 KR47: Home Remedy  Episode 7: Rob and Dan discuss their favorite home remedies for the common cold.
 KR47: Penalty  Episode 8: Peter commits a terrible faux pas and requires discipline.
 KR47: Dan Bites Dog  Episode 9: Rob, Peter, and Todd discuss Dan’s musical abilities.